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We are not an agency that is in the business of educating newbies on

The XX [insert: 'Tips' or 'Strategies' or 'Tactics'] for Building Links in 20XX

Nor will you find superfluous promises like, 

We guarantee we will get you to page 1 for [insert: your money keywords] in x months

Or, my personal favorite: 

We will get you XXX [insert: 'directory' or 'comment' or 'PBN'] links in XX days for $XXX

No, our clients understand that quality, sustainable SEO-especially in competitive niches-takes time and investment. 

We measure our success in months and years, not days and weeks: 

In fact, unless we're working with a white label link building agency partner, we require a commitment to a sustainable process of 6 to 12 months and beyond for new(er) websites. 

Our data (and we have a great deal of it from our 3K+ client engagements) shows that competitive terms can take--from day one to rank one--up to 18 months+. 

The Problem with Link Building for SEO 

Quality, relevant links remain one of the strongest ranking signals in search: 

Yes, links remain very important: 

While links are one of the stronger signals in search engine algorithms, we recognize they're not the only signal. 

A focus on backlinks without the other critical on and off-site elements can cripple even the best link building campaign. If your site is failing to rank, there are likely multiple factors--not just your backlinks--weighing you down. 

In addition, an overly-heavy focus on link building--to the exclusion of all else--can foster a culture of corner-cutting when it comes to quality. 

Corner-cutting can manifest itself in the following ways: 

  • Ignoring natural anchor text variation
  • Generic, re-purposed publications that add no value to the online community and whose sole purpose is to pass link juice
  • Ignoring best practices for link velocity 
  • Failing to use real author profiles with a focus on E-A-T 
  • Creating low-quality content geared toward search spiders and not humans 
  • Ignoring Google's guidelines by participating in link schemes other other grey/black hat tactics 

The list could go on. 

It's easier to control the on-page metrics that matter for SEO. Things like load speed, proper alt tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, sitemaps, SSL and page speed are well within a standard SEO's control. 

But very few SEO agencies are equipped to provide the link building scale to truly move the needle for both startups and enterprise brands. 

Solving the Difficulties of Link Building 

Quality, white-hat link building is difficult, particularly for smaller brands or newer sites. 

And, it's getting harder. 

Doing it well requires a dedicated team of outreach managers, quality copywriters and project professionals with the experience to scale your link building efforts to new heights. 

Our link building services agency has been in business since 2008, but our senior executives have been building quality backlinks since 2000--for nearly every conceivable online niche imaginable. 

Here's how we solve many of the problems inherent in building links: 

  • Quality-first content. Our writing team is internally-vetted, U.S.-based and accustomed to writing for dozens of sites ranked in Alexa's top 5,000 globally. 
  • Quality-first publishers. We don't work with Private Blog Networks (PBNs), re-purposed domains or generic sites. 
  • Focus on humans, not bots. Our quality focus on writers and publishers, our content is read by actually humans, which means your more likely to get referral traffic, not just Googlebot crawls. 
  • Strict adherence to link best practices. We tailor anchor text, destination URL targeting and link velocity to your site's existing profile and history, ensuring your backlink profile is as natural as possible. 

Our focus on quality has provided a shelter from the regular Google update storm for ourselves, our agency partners and our clients. It's also the reason most of our clients are other link building agencies who outsource the heavy lifting to our team. 

Link Building Pricing 

We are often asked: 

How much would it cost to get on page one for [insert keyword]? 

It doesn't work like that. 

No two sites, industries or link profiles are the same. A one-sized-fits-all solution is disingenuous to any client looking to grow organic website traffic. 

Instead, we work on a retainer basis. Our minimum monthly engagement fee is $2,000 per month, but we can scale up to enterprise budgets as high as $50,000 per month and have done so for some of the web's most well recognized brands. 

Keep in mind, a $2,000 per month budget may not be enough to move the needle in a competitive niche. 

We can and do work within our clients' internal budget restraints, but after a basic site assessment and audit, we will provide you with a quote for services that is most likely to move the needle for your desired industry, target keywords and competitive dynamics. 

Expert Link Building Process 

We adhere to a repeatable, proven system--customized at a pace and scale for individual clients-- for maximizing the value from your link campaigns: 

  • Off-site audit. We analyze keywords, competitors and existing backlinks, including anchor text, giving us a holistic look at where you currently stand relative to your industry and what should be done to take you to the next level. 
  • On-site audit. We audit your on-site content, internal linking, site speed, meta descriptions and title tags. 
  • Improvements suggestions. We provide process and pricing plans to fix any on-site issues. True holistic SEO requires a look at both on and off-site elements. These improvements also might include on-site content reworks to improve content so that it is truly "link worthy." 
  • Proposal plan + pricing. We provide a complete proposal for building links at a scale and style that would most benefit your site for long-term sustainable organic traffic. 
  • Campaign execution. Our team performs the content production, outreach for the links and reporting back to you via our custom portal. 
  • Analysis & Repeat. We iterate as we see what is working, repeating our analysis and monitoring as your organic site grows. 

Our process has yielded link building and content marketing ROI in the quadruple digits. We can do the same for you. 

Link Building Case Studies

With a few rare exceptions, all of our clients are engaged under mutual non-disclosure. 

Any good SEO company worth their weight should do the same. 

We would be happy to share several of those case studies from some of the web's most well-recognized brands. Just complete the contact form below and let us know you would like to see the case studies and we will share them by email. 

But to whet your whistle, here are a few recent examples: 

B2B SaaS Company, with us since their inception.

Personal injury law firm, client since beginning of 2019

B2B financial services company, client since 2016

Get in touch! 

We are interested in learning more about your online marketing, SEO and link building needs. When completing the form below, please be as detailed as possible so we can provide the best possible SEO and link building advisory. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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