Our Process

An Expert Link Building Process

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Our Process

Because link building can be a double-edged sword, we take a very disciplined approach in how we source and place links for our clients.

Where you start in the various link building phases, depends on what you site needs, how mature it is, its industry, what your current backlink profile looks like and how it compares to others in your space.

In fact, immediately building links indiscriminately may prove more detrimental than helpful.

That is why we start each engagement with a basic site and backlink audit.


Start Phase 

Months 1 to 6 After your backlink audit, we focus on easy quick wins for rapid ROI against low-competing keywords.

  • Find the lowest hanging fruit for quick wins in the long-tail
  • Solidify existing rankings with link expansion to key pillar pages
  • Complete competitive analysis for determining budget and volume of backlink campaigns
  • Work with dev teams to amend on-site issues such as slow load speed, CTA and UX blunders


Grow Phase

Months 7-12 Expand site keyword position rankings from long-tail searches to vanity stem terms with greater search volume

  • Enhance continued traffic growth by targeting more “money” keywords, focusing always on positive ROI
  • Continue to expand and diversify the overall backlink profile, keeping with white-hat best practices
  • Use more on-site content production to secure natural, earned links from blog posts, announcements and newsworthy pieces
  • Work more on enhancing IP, domain and anchor text diversity with new backlink growth


Defend Phase

Months 13-24 Maintain the ground you’ve won by continuing to build out links for relevant phrases, ensuring you block out the competition from future encroachment.

  • Source and procure links by adding them from a more diverse and varied source of publishers and websites relevant to your niche, growing your link profile
  • Continue to sprinkle links to relevant and timely pages and posts to ensure your content continues to appear relevant in search for your industry phrases
  • Seek expanded keywords and phrases to continue search growth won during Start and Grow Phases
  • Continue to stay apprised of new SEO development, applying new best practices

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At Link.Build, we have been building links since 2010 and are proud to be one of the leading link building companies in the industry. Our experience has enabled us to develop a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to create successful link building strategies that can increase your website’s visibility and organic search engine rankings.

Through our white label link building program, we have worked with over 1K other agencies to build links for our clients. If you have hired another link building outreach service, there is a high likelihood that you have probably worked with us behind the scenes. 

Agencies and enterprise companies alike come to us when they desire both quality and quantity in their link building campaigns. We can scale to nearly any sized link building budget. Test us and see! 

How Link Building Helps SEO

SEO is the process of making your website look good to a search engine like Google. You can do this by adding good content, making sure your website works well on different devices, and getting other websites to link to your website. When other websites link to yours, it tells Google that your website is worth looking at and may rank it higher in the search results.

When you do it right, link building outreach can be a huge boon to your business.

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