Top Domain Authority (DA) Checkers

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric used to gauge the strength of an individual website’s organic search engine rankings. It considers things like content length, keywords, pages per session, and many other factors relevant to successful SEO performance. Checking a website’s DA can provide important insights into the effects certain changes have had on its rankings.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best domain authority checkers that are readily available for use. We will then provide a comprehensive comparison checklist to evaluate which checker meshes up best with individual needs.


Domain authority in Moz


Moz’s domain authority (DA) checker is a leading metric which assesses the strength of a website by measuring how it performs on external metrics compared to all other websites.

It quantifies how strong a site ranks in search engine results pages and can score ranging from 0-100. By monitoring changes in DA, one can be better informed about the performance of their SEO efforts as well as track competitor progress over time.

Key features and benefits

Moz’s Domain Authority tool is absolutely easy to use compared to other brands. The free version allows users without Moz Pro subscriptions to get insights on relevant metrics, website search engine rankings and view page-level keyword insights.

It is one of its kind proprietary score that predicts how well a website should rank on the SERP based on several technical SEO factors. This will help determine what can be done to bring more organic traffic and receive a higher rank across the involved domain websites.

Mention of any limitations

Moz Pro, the company’s flagship tool is renowned for its accuracy in DA checker. However, there are some restrictions imposed on free accounts that could limit the wider usage of this service.

Free users can conduct deep analysis only up to 25 queries per month and domain comparisons tend to be limited and sometimes not very accurate due to resource constraints imposed on the account tiering system operated by Moz across all free users.

This also tends to have restricted access or carry certain tiered limits related to features as well as certain guidelines in user preferences and settings of algorithmic calculations related to the DA checks within Moz Pro.


Ahrefs is an all-in-one marketing toolset used to increase website earnings. Its Domain Authority (DA) Checker tells you where a domain stands in comparison to similar websites.

The checker displays your website’s DA score, ranking full list, and competitive reference sites So, for any given domain or subpage one can get the crucial information needed for content optimization in no time.

Ahrefs’ clever algorithm provides data on URLs, backlinks and pages widely dominated by relevant results each time.

Key features and benefits

Ahrefs domain authority checker


Ahrefs is one of the top domain authority (DA) checker tools. It notifies users when websites outrank their brand’s website, broken link checker to rapidly identify and repair errors, auto-crawl HTTP status code to discover unfiltered linking pages on a specific site and competitor keyword lookup function—which allows you to easily analyze high-performing competitors for unique backlinks. Additionally, Ahrefs offers an intuitive user interface making SEO analysis easier than ever before.

Mention of any limitations

One limitation of Ahrefs’ domain authority checker is its small index size that cannot compare larger sites yet. It might fail to recognize important signals such as the number of quality external links pointed at a website.

Also, although free options like SiteExplorer allow most users to adapt, paid custom models or APIs may be necessary for bulk validations or complex investigations. As such, experienced developers and users involved in advanced implementations are likely to face difficulty in certain scenarios when using this particular domain authority checker.


Majestic is a Website and SEO Analysis Tool which offers industry-leading DA-checking tools. Through its Free Bulk Backlinks Checker, Majestic can measure websites according to their Domain Authority or PA levels.

It also provides an overview of on-page and off-page SEO factors such as linking root domains, costs of backlinks, link velocity trends and more in easy to understand graphical view while showing charts with URLs instead of IP Infrastructures present analysis routes from real user interactional data of websites.

Ahrefs domain authority checker


Additionally Majestic allows to access Citation Flow and Trust Flow networking tools for analysis down to a domain level which provides valuable link metrics associated with the selected website.

Key features and benefits

Majestic’s DA checker offers a range of features that make analyzicheng website metrics quick and easy. Its unique Trust Flow and Citation Flow tools allow you to gauge improvements or decline over time, track competitive positioning on related search terms, estimate ‘indexability’ odds, and much more.

The backlink history timeframe analysis metric is particularly helpful by adding valuable link detail, associating brands when domains switch owners, and making editing filter rules simple with user navigation tiles. Majestic also offers powerful reporting modules, a customizable tagging process, and invaluable audit trails to save time when investigating unusual patterns.

Above all else is the direct bird’s-eye view of key findings laid out in a concise sidebar summary box. All these features make loading page after page unnecessary – it’s rarely two clicks away from what you need at any given glance.

Mention of any limitations

Majestic’s DA checker is an effective tool for assessing a website’s backlink profile and reviewing a large range of indicators on domain strength.

However, some users may experience limited features proportional to the pricing levels as this shouldering platform works with two payment models – Trust flow subscription vs. Link credits purchase.

Other shortcomings are seen in terms of product complexity which can make it difficult to monitor and analyze data effectively. Lastly, mining saved projects for keyword performance analysis contains unsupported data which doesn’t agree with other tools.


Semrush DA score


SEMRush is a popular digital marketing tool that offers website valuation as part of its overall suite.Its Domain Authority (DA) checker provides detailed scores and keywords for individual sites, and competing domains, along with keyword research backed up by SERPs analysis.

The detailed crawler model generating the DA, creates clear metrics focused on linking root domain formats and feature breakdowns suitable for web developers.

Key features and benefits

SEMRush is a professional domain analysis tool offering various data points related to organic search, paid search & display advertising, technical SEO audit, etc.

The DA Checker specifically offers a comprehensive & powerful domain comparison curated with the help of keyword and positional reports helping users between websites study granular metrics (i.e. keywords hierarchy according to traffic estimated value).

This detailed report provides extensive data relating to rank fluctuations in SERPs & untraceable scientific algorithms for measuring link quality contributing to an increased authority index.

Mention of any limitations

SEMRush offers a DA checker that has many great features, including keyword suggestions and domain comparison. It also contains analytical reports and performance tracking of campaigns for user convenience.

One limitation is that the pricing can be fairly steep when compared to other DA checkers if you want more advanced analytics or multiple users on one plan.

There’s also a slight learning curve with regards to getting familiar with the interface but it cannot be purely denied as a good choice based on its functionality. Overall, it can provide good data for larger and more detailed website analysis.

Website SEO Checker

Website SEO Checker is an online-based Domain Authority (DA) checker tool which monitors website domain scores effectively.

This makes site performance evaluation a lot easier out there. Some of its excellent features include the thorough analysis of multiple external parameters like domain age, index group rate, fresh links to a website or an indexed web page, broken inbound and external link replacements, and more from global domains ranked between 0 to 20 index ranges along with paper generator utilities.

It also interfaces with artificial intelligence for website projection and Alexa tool auto scout check to get a DA score for any given domain.

Key features and benefits

Website SEO Checker is an effective tool for website owners and search engine optimization professionals to help target the most appropriate keywords related to their business audience. It helps identify keyword concentration, source page relevance, untapped ways of attracting broader traffic and other opportunities.

Moreover, Website SEO Checker provides a convenient analysis with appealing visuals that can be quickly compared which will position users at the front edge of Domain Authority.

Key features also include determining external/internal benefits such as backlinks analysis linking status analysis, site comparison per key metrics, and determining the website performance of certain devices.

Mention of any limitations

Website SEO Checker provides quick and accurate results free of cost. However, its DA record is much shorter than the other checkers, hence lacking in communication with frequently updated information from authors instantly compared to the others.

Additionally, it does not include an export option and comparison piece that makes exploring simpler for a significant transaction however it works great as an elementary source when introducing fresh ideas at first closely.


The top 5 domain authority checkers — Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMRush, and Website SEO Checker — each offer powerful features for evaluating websites in an increasingly competitive online landscape.

An analysis of the key features and prices of each reveals their unique strengths and weaknesses relative to one another; it may best favor you to narrow these down based on your individual needs or budget.

Furthermore, Web reviews are undoubtedly useful in selecting the checker most suitable for you and corroborating others’ encounters. This overview gives you key insight into which checker works best for your website in establishing or increasing domain authority.

Timothy Carter