Link Building for SaaS

+ What Is Link Building for SaaS Companies?
+ How Link Building Benefits SaaS Companies
+ Link Building for SaaS Companies: Black Hat vs. White Hat
+ Choosing a Link Building Partner in SaaS

Your software as a service (SaaS) company relies on traffic and online visibility to succeed. Your site may have an amazing conversion rate, and your product may blow your competitors out of the water—but without that traffic and visibility, it’s not going to help you grow.

Online marketing strategies are diverse and accessible these days, but one of the most powerful strategies for link building companies is a semi-well-kept secret that’s been around for years: link building.

What Is Link Building for SaaS Companies?

What Is Link Building for SaaS Companies

We’d be real jerks if we teased you with the name of the strategy without telling you what it is. So here are the basics.

Link building is the process of building links to your website. There are several ways you can do this, some of which are more valuable than others; for example, you could place a link manually with the help of a forum comment (which is not recommended), you could earn links by creating more attractive content on your site, or you could feature a link to your site as a citation for some work you did for an external publisher.

In any case, you’ll end up with a link on someone else’s site pointing to yours.

Why is this valuable for SaaS companies? For starters, those links are gateways to traffic. Each person who clicks one of your links will find themselves learning about your product—and if your conversion optimization is on point, they’ll sign up for a free trial of your software while they’re there.

Even more importantly, links are a necessary ingredient in any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. The overly simplified explanation is this: Google uses links to evaluate trustworthiness, so the more high-quality links you gain, the higher your trustworthiness (or “authority”) will grow, and the more likely you’ll be to rank highly in search engines, giving you yet another powerful traffic engine.

How Link Building Benefits SaaS Companies

How Link Building Benefits SaaS Companies

So what are the benefits of link building for your SaaS company?

    • Organic traffic via search rankings. As your rankings in search engines begin to climb, you’ll begin attracting more traffic from organic searchers. This growth curve becomes exceptionally powerful when you start getting rank-one positions.
    • Referral traffic. Assuming your content is attractive and your publishers get ample traffic, your links should also generate referral traffic. With the right planning, you can also funnel your users so you create a stream of people likely to convert.
    • Brand visibility and reputation. Just getting your name mentioned in external publishers can be beneficial for your brand. Over time, your reputation will grow.

  • Lower costs. Link building is often far less expensive than comparable advertising strategies. This is especially true over the long term, since every link you build will continue generating value for your brand indefinitely.
  • Scalability. Link building is one of the most scalable marketing strategies, since it can be harnessed by startups and big corporations alike; you can increase your budget and change your targets as you grow.

Link Building for SaaS Companies: Black Hat vs. White Hat

There’s always a catch, right?

Well in link building, the catch is that there are right ways and wrong ways to approach it—and the wrong ways can hurt you.

The general idea is that Google doesn’t want websites deliberately manipulating their search rankings in a way that harms the average user’s experience. If you spam links, exchange links, or engage in a link scheme, your site could earn a penalty, dropping its search rankings significantly or even removing it from Google’s index.


But don’t worry. These ill-intentioned, “black hat” practices are easy to spot, once you get to know them. If someone promises super cheap link building, or suspiciously fast results, you can take it as a red flag.
Instead, you’ll need to look for “white hat” link building services, which are designed to maximize user experience while still helping you generate more links. Natural link earning, with high-quality onsite content, is practically guaranteed to be safe, as is building links with the help of high-quality offsite guest content.

Choosing a Link Building Partner in SaaS

Choosing a Link Building Partner in SaaS

With the plethora of link building strategies available to SaaS companies, and the threat of a potential penalty in the back of your mind, starting a link building campaign can feel overwhelming.

For most SaaS companies, the best approach is to choose a link building agency to work with. These professionals have access to far more resources and experience that you do currently, and can help make sure your link building campaign is not just successful, but ethical, and fully compliant with Google’s terms of service.

Your biggest burden is therefore finding a reputable partner. One with ample link building knowledge, the resources to help you scale, and enough knowledge of the SaaS industry to address your brand’s unique needs.

At Link.Build, we think we’re some of the best link builders in the business. We’ve got some great competitors out there, but our results speak for themselves. Contact us today to learn more about the Link.Build philosophy, and find out exactly how we can help your SaaS company scale.