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+ What Is Link Building for Real Estate Companies
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In real estate, visibility is everything. You want your homes to get more views and interested leads. You want your agents to get more interested buyers and sellers. And you want your agency to have more prominence and a better reputation overall.

There are many gateways to greater visibility, most of them related to marketing and advertising.

But there’s one strategy that outshines most of the traditional forms of advertising you’d otherwise leverage: link building.

What Is Link Building for Real Estate Companies

What Is Link Building for Real Estate Companies

What is link building?

You’re on Link.Build, so it’s safe to say you came to the right place for an answer.

As the name suggests, link building is the systematic process of “building” links that point back to your website. For your real estate company, those links could point to your main domain, a landing page, or even a listing page you want to emphasize; no matter what, you’ll see the benefits.

Link building primarily functions as a strategy for search engine optimization (SEO). In case you aren’t familiar, SEO is a collection of strategies meant to increase your likelihood of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs)—the lists of webpages you get when you conduct an online search.

Google wants to highly rank pages that are both relevant and authoritative, so it prioritizes pages that are both contextually relevant and trustworthy. You can get the context down with proper keyword optimization, but to build trustworthiness, you need links.

Put simply, the more links a page has, and the more valuable those links are, the higher its “authority,” or trustworthiness will be. Through link building, you’ll be able to boost the authority of all your pages and make sure they rank higher. In turn, you’ll get much more traffic.

The Advantages of Link Building in Real Estate

The Advantages of Link Building in Real Estate

Of course, link building is good for more than just SEO.

These are some of the most important benefits for real estate companies:

    • Higher search rankings (and more organic traffic). The heart of the strategy for most real estate companies is higher search rankings, and by extension, higher levels of organic traffic. The jump from SERP purgatory to page 1 can result in hundreds to thousands of new monthly visitors, and the jump from rank 10 to rank 1 can multiply those results even further.
    • Referral traffic. Each link you build also functions as, well, a normal link. People can click it to learn more about your organization, or to follow up on a fact you cite in your offsite work. Either way, if your links are well-placed and interesting enough, they should generate a stream of referral traffic on their own. With big-name publishers, that can amount to a significant flow.

  • Visibility and brand authority. Building links with offsite content is also a great way to make your brand more visible. Even if people don’t click your links or find you in search engines, they’ll read your content, they’ll see your name, and you’ll gain the benefits of additional exposure.

The Right Approach to Link Building for Real Estate Companies

That all sounds great, right? Just build some links, and you’ll get all these great benefits.

Unfortunately, link building is more complex than that.

Google is acutely aware of websites trying to manipulate their rankings, and they want to make sure all web visitors have the best experience possible. Accordingly, they have measures in place to actively penalize websites they feel are building links inappropriately.

If you’re caught spamming links, exchanging links, or participating in a link scheme, you could face a sharp drop in rankings—and maybe even a manual penalty from Google.

Accordingly, the “right” way to build links is to emphasize quality. Your links should provide value to all the readers and visitors that encounter them, and they should seem natural to humans and search engine crawlers alike.

For most brands, this means writing and publishing high-quality content on highly authoritative external publishers. This process takes months to fully develop, and begins to cultivate results gradually. It’s a time-intensive and occasionally challenging approach, but it’s well worth the extra time, money, and patience.

Finding a Link Building Partner in Real Estate

Finding a Link Building Partner in Real Estate

Real estate companies should be focused on buying, selling, and managing real estate. They don’t have the time, resources, or money to try and learn link building from scratch, or to execute a link building strategy all on their own.

Accordingly, most real estate companies turn to a link building partner to help them grow. A reputable link building agency can help you establish the powerful, high-quality links you need to attract more traffic and boost your authority.

Of course, there are also a lot of scammers and amateurs out there. If someone promises you overnight results, or dozens of links for a rate that seems too good to be true—run.

At Link.Build, we consider ourselves link building experts. But feel free to judge for yourself. Contact us today to learn more about the Link.Build philosophy, and find out exactly how we can help your real estate company grow.