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+ What is link building?
+ Content marketing ties link building and SEO together
+ Search engines take quality backlinks seriously
+ Why do healthcare companies need a link building strategy?
+ Finding a trusted healthcare link building partner
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Healthcare companies that want to increase conversions need a strong link building strategy to establish and maintain visibility in the search engines. Healthcare companies need that visibility because the majority of valuable traffic (leads) comes from search.

According to research data gathered by Google, patients put in considerable time and effort before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider. The study shows that while a total of 77% of patients searched online prior to scheduling an appointment with a provider, 48% researched for two weeks before scheduling an appointment.

In total, patients who ended up booking an appointment conducted 3x as many searches than people who didn’t book an appointment. The takeaway is that search plays a significant role in generating healthcare leads that convert.

Without strong backlinks, your healthcare organization’s website won’t be seen in Bing or Google’s search results. Without visibility, you’ll struggle to get leads and conversions.

If you want traffic and leads that convert, you need a strong link building strategy.

What is link building?

What is link building?

Link building is a timeless search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that acquires backlinks to your website from relevant authority websites.

Backlinks serve two main purposes:

  1. Backlinks generate relevant leads. Having links on high authority websites in the healthcare industry will drive relevant traffic to your site. Visitors that come from a relevant site are more likely to convert.
  2. Backlinks support higher search engine rankings. Backlinks are the foundation for getting your site to rank in the search engines. Without a link building campaign, your website will quickly fall behind your competitors and won’t be visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Lack of visibility translates to a lack of leads.

Content marketing ties link building and SEO together

Content marketing ties link building and SEO together

Quality backlinks are more than simple lines of text buried in a website’s “resources” section. The backlinks you’ll get from working with a professional healthcare SEO agency will be strategically placed in high-quality articles published on relevant sites – a process known as content marketing.

Content marketing is central to every link building strategy. Here’s how it works: Your link building agency will have a team of talented, professional writers create superb content for your organization. That content could be anything from a press release to an informative article. Each piece of content will include a link to your website and will be published on another website.

Your SEO link building partner will have all the connections you need to get your content published on reputable, industry-relevant websites. Getting your links published on these sites will increase your rank in the search engines and drive traffic to your site.

Search engines take quality backlinks seriously

Search engines take quality backlinks seriously

Numerous factors are used to calculate where each webpage ranks in the SERPs, but search engines weigh backlinks more heavily than other factors. Back in 2016, Google publicly announced that links and quality content are the top two most important ranking factors.

Although it’s important to have plenty of links pointing to your website, it’s not the quantity of backlinks that matters most – it’s the quality.

With that said, a solid link building strategy will acquire links from quality sources. You don’t need to focus on generating a high quantity of links. Link quantity will increase automatically throughout the course of your campaign.

Why do healthcare companies need a link building strategy?

Why do healthcare companies need a link building strategy?

If you’re a healthcare organization, people are going to search online for the services you provide. Your website needs to be visible in search results, preferably placed before your competition. Although visitors perform extensive research prior to choosing which healthcare company to book an appointment with, people might stop looking when they find your competitor. You can avoid this by ranking higher than your competitor.

Here’s an overview of why your healthcare organization needs to build links:

  • Higher ranking in the SERPs. Link building is a tried-and-true method for climbing the ranks in the search engines while simultaneously driving traffic to your website.
  • More leads. With links to your site all over the internet, you’ll generate traffic to your site. When those links come from industry-relevant sources, your traffic will be relevant, too.
  • More conversions. Whether you’re aiming for sales, email signups, or video plays, link building will generate the traffic required to increase your conversions.

Finding a trusted healthcare link building partner

Many SEO agencies promise their clients links, but few deliver long-term results. Successful link building requires a client-focused mindset that aims for the best results possible. This is only possible by partnering with an experienced, reputable SEO link building agency.

We help medical providers and healthcare organizations

At, we want to be your link building partner and help you get you the leads you deserve. We understand the challenges of running an organization in the healthcare field. Our SEO experts are ready to use time-tested link building and content marketing strategies to optimize your search visibility.

Contact us today to find out how our team of experts can get your healthcare organization the visibility and leads you deserve.